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We have instituted this new process to ensure better tracking of warranty and returns as well as save money on the paper used to track these products. The prepared warranty tags cost more than a piece of printed laser paper. Additionally, this form will go to the customer, to the warranty manager, and to you, in the form of an email.

STOP – If you have a warranty for one of the manufacturers listed below, THIS IS NOT the form to use:

• Amana • Copeland • Goodman • Manitowoc

For the above listed manufacturers, please use the proper warranty procedures and related tags for the specific manufacturer.

Please provide all information as it relates to the product warranty claim. All fields are required. But if there is no data for a specific field, you can simply enter a dash in that blank and move on. Please note that failure to provide all the information necessary for this warranty claim could result in delayed credit..

Name of Owner (job)

Service or Installation Company Name



Zip Code



Product Information

In Warranty Credit Memo Number


Unit Model

Unit Serial Number

Part Number

Part Serial Number

Code Date

Installed/Purchase Date

Replacement/Failure Date

Reason for Return

*Other: Please be specific. Descriptors like "bad" or "defective" are not enough information

Returned by (customer name):

Received Date:

Roger's Supply Representative

Roger's Employee Email

Roger's Supply Store Location

• Print a copy of the email you receive for the customer if the customer does not have an email address.
• If an email address is entered for the customer, they will receive a copy of the warranty tag in their email.
• PRINT the warranty tag from YOUR email and attach it to the product for route to Champaign.

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