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what happened to della street on perry mason

The 1957-1966 CBS television courtroom series has been resurrected on METV and a new generation has become hooked. Where can i stream old Perry Mason episodes? Strickland ends up going to work for Burger, helping him take down the surviving hierarchy of the Radiant Assembly of God rather than joining the newly minted Perry Mason & Associates with Della and their new investigator, Paul Drake, who quits the police force in what is arguably the seasons top feel-good moment. And that's no disrespect we got to set the world up. They've been in this period of inertia where Perry is acting very strangely, and she can't get a read on where he is. If she has to pretend at Mother McKeegans traveling revival show that the baby is her own, who are we to tell this woman that what shes doing is wrong? It was based on a series of novels by lawyer and author Erle Stanley Gardner. Screen Rant sat down with the pair ahead of the premiere of season 2 to discuss the renewed focus on their characters, Rylance's big cross-examination scene, and Paul Drake's new role as Perry's investigator. In a small role, she sang with Sinatra in Higher and Higher (1943). Two Della Street (Barbara Hale) & Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) moments from PM season 1, episode 5. The Case of the Convicted Clients. Through various unfortunate circumstances, Emily Dodson was framed for arranging the kidnapping and subsequent death of her son Charlie. But this season the show is getting more mail than ever before and so is Raymond. Burr had wanted to leave Perry Mason after five years, but was always persuaded to extend his contract. His first test as a lawyer was the gruesome killing of a child who was kidnapped and returned with his eyes sewn open. What happened to Lt Tragg on Perry Mason? Heres the short answer: Handed out to the undesirable persons of the American army, usually homosexuals or Blacks, the blue ticket handed out to Perry could have something to do with the mercy killing of his comrades during his time in France. Della Street Became Perry Mason's Partner Della Street, like Hamilton Burger and Paul Drake, has been an integral character in the Perry Mason canon for decades. In July 2020, HBO renewed its reimagined version of the popular 1950s legal drama that originally starred Raymond Burr. Jonathan died by suicide after Maynard Barnes blackmailed him with claims that would get him disbarred, as well as having failed to acquire a loan from his bank. Who played Perry Mason in the TV series? This time around though, hell be working as a defense lawyer from the start, as opposed to being looped in as a private investigator. Please refresh the page and try again. Della Street, with a robe thrown over silk pajamas, sat on the edge of her bed and watched Perry Mason untying the cord around the hatbox. Because so much time has passed since Perry Mason Season 1 aired, some of you might need a refresher on where things were left off if you didnt have time to rewatch the prior episodes with your HBO Max subscription. After nine seasons and 271 episodes we were dust. The network gave no particular reason for the cancellation. NY 10036. Della Street and Perry Mason are taking some time off after a difficult case. Enduring Format Besides the unique format of the investigation followed by the trial, Perry Mason created the DNA of numerous other television shows in the years since. Matthew Rhys Pleads His Case for 'Perry Mason' Season 2. But what Perry did is awaken in him more of himself. Looking back on this refreshingly ambiguous season of whodunit television, I think Ill revisit Perrys reunion with Sister Alice quite a bit. Chris Chalk: There were some, although mostly not fun just because it's all so very heavy. Poor Paul. Della Street doubled up her body, braced her heels and shot forward. So, did we ever find out what was really going on between these two? After the war ended, he began drinking, and stopped acting for almost a decade. And for me, the big moment in the courtroom was moments leading up to that where I've been having these from season 1 of Della looking at Paul and clocking what's happening in the room and where we sit, where he sits and where the other women sit in that room. But I think if Paul had his druthers, he'd be an accountant in the back room somewhere, and you'd never see this guy. She later appeared in movies such as the all-star disaster film Airport (1970) as the wife of a pilot played by Dean Martin and had a long sideline as a commercial pitchwoman for Amana kitchen appliances. TimesMojo is a social question-and-answer website where you can get all the answers to your questions. Ms. Hale was the matriarch of a show business family that included her late husband, actor Bill Williams, who starred in the 1950s western series The Adventures of Kit Carson, and their son, William Katt, who played the title role in the early 1980s TV series The Greatest American Hero. Katt confirmed the death and said the cause was complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. . After Perry Mason was cancelled, William Hopper essentially retired. An open-and-closed case overtakes the city of Los Angeles, and Perrys pursuit of justice reveals that not everything is always as it seems. Home | About | Contact | Copyright | Report Content | Privacy | Cookie Policy | Terms & Conditions | Sitemap. The entire courtroom sequence that helps open this fine season finale is a figment of Masons imagination as he rehearses with his associates Della Street, Paul Drake and Hamilton Burger. Fortunately, fans of the show are just a few days away from the next batch of episodes kicking off, and among the things we know about Perry Mason Season 2 is itll follow Matthew Rhys Perry, who scored the role in 2019, getting involved in another high-profile murder trial during 1933. Perry Mason Episode 7. . (Shes more right than she realizes; Perry has officially called off his relationship with Lupe, though he has finally admitted that her asking price for his family farm was a fair one and given her the land. And unfortunately, that happens to work with the justice system. Answer (1 of 13): Question: Were Perry Mason and Della Street an item? What streaming service is Perry Mason on? It beggars belief that an accountant like George Gannon could have executed his two accomplices (both of them professional hoods), driven across town with a bullet wound, then blown his own head off with a shotgun. In HBO's Reboot. Few actresses have done more with so underwritten a part as Ms. Hale did with Della Street on Perry Mason. In 1963, when Burr had to miss those four episodes because of dental surgery, it wouldnt have done to give his spot to a lesser light. On Dellas advice, Perry calls an unexpected witness to the stand. 1 This 1958 Miss Mississippi and 1959 Miss America appeared as Della Street's cousin Dianne Adler in the 1964 "Perry Mason" episode, "The Case of the Blonde Bonanza." She also appeared in Elvis films "Harum Scarum" and "Girl Happy". The idea is to celebrate your own awesomeness regardless of your relationship status. She rose to leading parts opposite Mitchum in West of the Pecos (1945) and the comedy-romance Lady Luck (1946) with Robert Young. He was the star of the television series The Adventures of Keith Carson. Toward the end of his life, his illness forced him to use a wheelchair in real life. Also keep in mind that the classic Perry Mason series still ranks as one of the best mystery shows, so feel free to give that a watch when youre not busy with HBOs adaptation. Now his law practice is being run by Perry Mason. Perry Mason Returns was an enormous hit and led to a run of made-for-television movies. After Burrs death in 1993, the TV movies continued briefly with Ms. Hale as Street and Hal Holbrook playing a defense lawyer named Wild Bill McKenzie. Did Perry Mason really end up in a wheelchair? When all was said and done, Della decided to stick with Perry once he took over E.B.s legal practice. Della Street played by Juliet Rylance on Perry Mason - Official Website for the HBO Series | HBO.com Perry Mason Della Street Played by Juliet Rylance She may be a legal secretary, but Della Street has the brains, know-how, creativity and drive to run any modern-day lawyer. From reading about Brad & Angelina in Star Magazine at 11 years old to predicting last year's Oscars winners with frightening accuracy, his love for pop culture knows no bounds and will seemingly never die. Mason, who solved murder mysteries with his savvy as a cross-examiner, is the creation of novelist Erle Stanley Gardner. She's been that person for so long, but she's trying to break out of that mold and also dealing with a home situation that's not really going anywhere and meets this new person and really falls in love. Was one of the original 'Dr Pepper" girls featured in the soda company's calendars in the 1940s and 50s. They tended to accent the personal, thoroughly platonic bond between Mason and Street far more than the old series. Did Perry Mason and Della Street ever kiss? Perry Mason will be back on the case eventually. After leaving the Columbia shorts department, Cezon had a recurring role as receptionist Gertie on Perry Mason between 1957 and 1964. In the 1950s he was romantically linked with rising starlet Natalie Wood. Why did Perry Mason end up in a wheelchair? I didn't know for a long time that we were going to do it. "Perry Mason" is a character-driven show that's the core of it but it's also a show that takes place in a certain period of time in a certain place. Ms. Hale, who won a 1959 Emmy for best supporting actress in a dramatic series, stayed with the show until it folded. So how did you prepare for that moment, considering that it really speaks not only to the underlying themes of the season but also last season with Mrs. Dodson and how women are treated by the justice system? She declines and it leads to discussions of why she has turned him down again. According to a Facebook post by her son William Katt, Hale passed away at her home on Sherman Oaks, Calif. Raymond Burr, the burly, impassive actor who played the defense lawyer Perry Mason and the police detective Robert T. Ironside on television, died on Sunday at his ranch in Dry Creek Valley, near Healdsburg, Calif. By 1993, when Burr signed with NBC for another season of Mason films, he was using a wheelchair full-time because of his failing health. So all of those pieces, the foundations were laid I think for all of us in that first season. When you're playing those scenes, how did you portray your character differently depending on who she was talking to? Tragg for six years, until midway through the 1963-64 season, when he left due to a lung condition. Why Did Perry and Della Never Marry? what happened at the end of the previous season, meant that Perry could go even more tragic. Hoppers character, Paul Drake, is one of the most interesting in the series. In the first Perry Mason novel, Street is revealed to . Chris Chalk: It's like you have a new point of view. Mason is known to have lost, in some form or manner, three casesThe Case of the Terrified Typist, The Case of the Witless Witness, and The Case of the Deadly Verdict. Theres the matter of Mother Birdy McKeegan, for one thing. Perry Mason was the one who found evidence that painted a target on Emilys back, but after the death of E.B. Della Street (Juliet Rylance) and Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys" meet the press in season two of "Perry Mason." Courtesy KDKA-TV Ken Rice hosts "KDKA 2.0" streaming on CBS News Pittsburgh. Dinner With Perry and Della January 31st, 2017 by Max Allan Collins Barbara Hale is gone. What episode does Perry Mason kiss Della Street? The number is WEbster 12499. Chalk: I think once we started to get to know [the new "Perry Mason" showrunners Jack Amiel and Michael Begler] and get their ideas of the season coming in, that's what prepared me to deal with what was coming to Paul. CBS-TV/REX/Shutterstock Barbara Hale, who played secretary Della Street in the "Perry Mason" television series and movies, died Thursday. Rather than break the noir mold, the series embraces its genre elements. 4 More answers below Bill McDannell Do Men Still Wear Button Holes At Weddings? Who guest starred the most on Perry Mason? In the HBO reboot Matthew Rhys (above right) plays Mason before he became a sought-after lawyer, when he was still a low-budget detective. I think that's a really fabulous thing to play this year. Ms. Hale also starred with Williams, her husband, in The Clay Pigeon (1949), a taut drama about a veteran who is framed on a murder charge. You can have all the truths on your side, but if you cant prove, if you cant hold it in your hand, it doesnt exist.. While the jury was deadlocked on whether Emily Dodson (Gayle Rankin) murdered her own baby, Charlie, or not, the verdict was a triumph for the defense attorney and the series named after him. To be fair, being in the room with a family when it was like me, and Moe and Pearl and Jarrah and the babies and their kids, it was chaos, but it was so much fun because it really did feel like I was like, I grew up in a largely black neighborhood where we would just go into a house and play cards all day. She was 94 . The iconic 1957-66 Perry Mason television series starring Raymond Burr often mined content from Gardners written works, and indeed Gertie made the leap from page to screen. The prosecution chose not to do so. The Case of the Silent Black Judge. In 1962, during season six, Burr was recuperating from surgery. They were together through Burrs death. It was the highest-rated TV movie that year, prompting periodic returns each season. In the novels, they were supposed to be. By the end of the season, Paul resigned from the police force and agreed to work with Perry as a detective for the law practice. While its unclear how exactly Holcomb fits into Season 2, its safe to assume hell continue being an adversary to the title character rather than suddenly change his ways. Perry Mason is a fictional character, an American criminal defense lawyer who is the main character in works of detective fiction written by Erle Stanley Gardner. But mostly they were just exceedingly great work-partners. Della is pulling him in. The character of Hamilton Burger temporarily disappeared from the TV series during the series third season. Amazing. The Warner Brothers version of The Case of the Velvet Claws, which came out in 1936, saw Della and Perry married. George E. Stone had the most credited guest appearances in the series with forty-five. In his final Perry Mason movie, The Case of the Killer Kiss, he was shown either sitting or standing while leaning on a table, but only once standing unsupported for a few seconds. Other moments well, Im not exactly sure how to describe them, whether feel-good or feel-bad. He died of pneumonia three weeks later, on March 6, at age 55. But this is the 1930s.. Announcing the news, HBOs executive vice president of programming Francesca Orsi said, It has been an exciting journey to work with the immensely talented team behind Perry Mason. The relationship between Della and Perry is st. I love this season that Della is trying to find a new way. By 1993, when Burr signed with NBC for another season of Mason films, he was using a wheelchair full-time because of his failing health. Ms. Hales son, William, played the private-eye role. But mostly they were just exceedingly great work-partners. Hoppers character, Paul Drake, is one of the most interesting in the series. The deputies reported finding Talman and seven other defendants either nude or seminude. She co-starred with Larry Parks in Jolson Sings Again (1949), playing a wife of the entertainer Al Jolson, as Stewarts spouse in the light comedy The Jackpot (1950), and in the title role in the costume romance Lorna Doone (1951), with Richard Greene. Barbara Hale, best known for her Emmy Award-winning role as Perry Mason's loyal secretary Della Street on the long-running 1950s and '60s TV series starring Raymond Burr, has died. We now know that Perry Mason star Raymond Burr was gay, so it seems pretty likely he wore his pinky ring on the top-rated TV drama as a signal to his fellow gay men in the audience and in Hollywood. In the 1950s he was romantically linked with rising starlet Natalie Wood. Juliet Rylance: I'm in a position suddenly where I can stand up and almost feel like the moment is shared between us. Or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to real news you can count on. She only wanted to be a good mother to her child. I love her. And it clawed at her to set it free. The deputies reported finding Talman and seven other defendants either nude or seminude. Best remembered by the public for her starring role as confidential secretary "Della Street" in Perry Mason (1957). Note: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity. Sheriffs deputies, suspicious of marijuana use, raided a party on March 13, 1960, in the West Hollywood apartment of Richard Reibold, an advertising agency executive. In the first Perry Mason novel, The Case of the Velvet Claws, written in the early days of the Great Depression, Della Street is revealed to have come from a wealthy, or at least well-to-do, family that was wiped out by the stock market crash of 1929. Barbara Hale, who played secretary Della Street in the "Perry Mason" television series and movies, died Thursday. Thank you for signing up to CinemaBlend. Perry Mason will be back on the case eventually. I had the chance to talk with Rylance and Chalk in advance of the season 2 premiere, where they discussed where their characters are now compared to when we last saw them. Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. I was struck by how Birdys minions made their initial overture to recruit Emily to their cause: a note that was nothing more or less than the footprint of the baby they claimed was Charlie. The episode in which the black judge appeared was "The Case of the Skeleton's Closet," which originally aired on May, 2, 1963. However, we do learn that Perrys associate Pete Strickland quietly paid off one of the jurors to say Emily was not guilty. You can say it out loud. This story is written for those that love Matt and Kitty just as much as Perry and Della. Ms. Hale also was a leading lady in westerns such as The Lone Hand (1953) and The Oklahoman (1957), both with Joel McCrea, and 7th Cavalry (1956), with Randolph Scott. When [my son] Billy was in the first grade, we went to school for the first parent meeting, and on his desk were little projects hed made pictures of Daddy and Mommy and his sister and his animals. Calling Ennis to the stand without having real, hard evidence linking him to each of the murder victims would be a disaster. Toward the end of his life, his illness forced him to use a wheelchair in real life. So much for the Perry Mason courtroom-confession clich of yore. 4 Is there a new Perry Mason series coming out? Her photo can be see at the Dr Pepper Museum in Dublin, Texas (not to be confused with the Waco Dr Pepper Museum). Adam Bernstein has spent his career putting the "post" in The Washington Post, first as an obituary writer and then as editor. Another corrupt police officer active during Perry Mason Season 1 was Eric Langes Gene Holcomb, as he worked alongside Joe Ennis to cover up what truly happened to Charlie Dodson and place the blame on the boys mother. Why does Perry Mason wear a pinky ring? When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The series aired from 1957 to 1966, making it one of the longest-airing courtroom shows in history, and Ms. Hale earned an Emmy Award for her role as Street. He started on the same path, but was suspended from the Valparaiso University School of Law in Indiana after just one month of attendance due to a distracting interest in boxing, according to the New York Times. Soon the routine of playing Della Street, Perry Mason's Girl Friday, seemed to snap her back to normal. After nine seasons and 271 episodes we were dust. The network gave no particular reason for the cancellation. Screen legend Bette Davis was the first and most notable replacement. Via http://boyculture.comBarbara Hale, age 90, played "Della Street" on PERRY MASON & appeared in numerous movies. Perry Mason: Objection, your honor, on the same grounds. Actually, they did, in at least one of the gazillion Perry Mason productions. I think that Paul is trying his best to survive, and was perfectly happy with the shitty justice pre-Perry Mason. She almost certainly orchestrated the disappearance of Charlie Dodsons body and the miraculous appearance nearby of a baby who looks nothing at all like Charlie in an attempt to salvage Sister Alices promise to resurrect the slain infant. Juliet Rylance and Chris Chalk talk Perry Mason season 2, including Della Street's big cross-examination moment and exploring Paul Drake's home life. Why Did Perry and Della Never Marry? By the Victorian era, both men and women wore pinky rings for another reason. Anyone holding out hope E.B. Shea Whigham will recur in Season 2 rather than be part of the main cast, so dont expect to see him as much this time around. New York, The first appearance of Della Street's fictional character, however, came about in Erle S. Gardner's unpublished novel Reasonable Doubt. To attempt a bait-and-switch like this takes guts. And so revisiting those moments and seeing how they just come back. She appeared in over 270 episodes of the show, and all of these efforts have helped put her net worth to where it is today. What comfort has digging for proof of the truth ever given Perry, she asks? So just working on the danger element of navigating, "What can I get away with without being possibly killed not reprimanded killed at any moment?" This is Perry Masons argument as he takes on his star witness (and a hostile one at that), Sgt. Instead we're treated to . Ed Brown, beautiful young Policewoman Eve Whitfield, and black ex-con Mark Sanger, who pushed Ironsides wheelchair and drove his special van. Just showing a black judge presiding over a courtroom was, for that time, very unusual. But however much she has questioned her own gifts, Alice is still a woman of faith. Its the worst year of the Depression, and Perry and Della (Juliet Rylance) have set the firm on a safer path pursuing civil cases instead of the tumultuous work criminal cases entail. Here, she's seen signing autographs and in. Screen legend Bette Davis was the first and most notable replacement. Based on the work of Erle Stanley Gardner, this drama series traces the origins of famed criminal defense lawyer Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys). The legal minds of Mason and Della Street (Juliet Rylance) know this is far less than a guarantee, unless she's going for an . So once it became clear that we all agreed that Paul would be completely shattered, then it was a win no matter what they brought. Hypermasculinized as a player, his smooth blonde pompadour and his Thunderbirds were a California male ideal. I mean, Perry Mason? So Della begins the season being very determined to move forward and keep things moving but [she] is really confused and frustrated about how stuck the firm is. Chris Chalks Paul Drake started out in Perry Mason Season 1 as an LAPD officer, but because this version of the character is Black, he continually faced bigotry from people hes sworn to protect and even his fellow police officers. Screen Rant: I just finished the season earlier today and had such a blast. Talmanwas fired from Perry Mason for a short period in 1960. Perry Mason made its closing arguments for season 1. William Katt wrote: "Lost my beautiful wonderful mom Barbara Hale yesterday afternoon. However, Rylance and Chalk get the chance to shine in the second season as Perry Mason looks closer at their personal and professional lives. However, the season's most notable twist is the absence of trusty secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale) from a string of episodes. Besides their son, of Woodland Hills, Calif., survivors include two daughters, Johanna Katt and Juanita King, both of Van Nuys, Calif.; two half-brothers; six grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. And so for me, that was the most meaningful thing, is checking those little looks [and] glances between everyone leading up to that. Is there a new Perry Mason series coming out? Most people have come to L.A. from somewhere else in that period of time. We also learned that hes been estranged from his wife and son, and while Perry did briefly visit Teddy during the last season, its clear that these two dont have the greatest relationship. Teddy appears to be doing well under Ginnys tutelage, and per the plot synopsis provided by Deadline, Perry may find himself needing some of her sunshine too. Perhaps the attraction is nostalgic, or we've developed mad crushes on Mason (Raymond Burr), Paul Drake (William Hopper) and Della Street (Barbara Hale). It's 1933, and Perry Mason and. Chris, obviously Paul is in a different head space from when we first met him in season 1. Andrey knows everything from warm-up to hard workout. Its not true, of course. In The Far Horizons (1955), with Fred MacMurray and Charlton Heston as the westward explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Ms. Hale played a love interest of the two men, along with Donna Reed as the Indian maiden Sacagawea. But it gives Emily Dodson a second chance at motherhood, at a time when she is totally at loose ends. Perry Mason - Season 7, Volume 1, includes the last 15 episodes of the 1963-64 season, with "The Cases of the Fifty Million . Although Paul initially refused to work with Perry Mason and share his findings in the Charlie Dodson case, because hed been threatened by the corrupt Joe Ennis, he eventually changes mind and helps out with Perrys investigation. Rylance: And obviously for season 1, we did a lot of research and read up about law and policing and L.A. in that period. The second season picks up with Perry in the throes of the Los Angeles legal system during the height of the Great Depression. Juliet Rylance & Chris Chalk On The Dream Team Of Perry Mason Season 2, Perry Mason: Why Matthew Rhys Replaced Robert Downey Jr. Barbara Hale, a Hollywood leading lady in the 1940s and 1950s, in an undated photo. Its been a long wait for Perry Mason Season 2, as the HBO reimagining of the literary character created by Erle Stanley Gardner debuted its first season back in June 2020, with Robert Downey Jr. attached as one of the executive producers. The man jumped to one side, but not in time to keep her from grabbing the arm which held the gun. Played by Juliet Rylance, Street is sassy, independent and has zero . One of the saddest moments in Perry Mason Season 1 was when John Lithgows E.B. In Perry Mason season 2, Juliet Rylance and Chris Chalk return as Della Street and Paul Drake to help Matthew Rhys' titular defense attorney solve another murder that has rocked 1930s Los Angeles. Graeme joined the Screen Rant team in 2020 as a freelancer before becoming an editor for the news team in 2021. Perry Mason's Chris Chalk & Juliet Rylance On Their Characters' Big Changes [Exclusive Interview]. Several of the episodes in Perry Masons fourth season did without the services of costar William Talman (aka luckless prosecutor Hamilton Burger), who as a result of a wild and highly publicized party at his home was fired from the series by CBS. It is apparent that the police hierarchy feel that he should be policing . Why was Perry Mason in the hospital in season 6? Perry reveals during the course of the episode that he knows Della is gay. Perry Mason is an American legal drama series originally broadcast on CBS television from September 21, 1957, to May 22, 1966. Anyone can read what you share. It's very much, can I feed my family and not get killed in the process? In addition to his work at Screen Rant, Graeme is also a Masters of Fine Arts candidate at Emerson College in Boston, MA with a concentration in poetry. Where does he break and what is he willing to lose to gain? Which Is More Stable Thiophene Or Pyridine. A lot has happened in those years, and if the trailer is any indication, a lot has changed for the core characters in the aftermath of the events from season 1. What was it like to explore that side of Paul? He's aware he looks like Harry Potter and Clark Kent. Della Street partakes in one of her own, much to Perry Mason's dismay. Tragg for six years, until midway through the 1963-64 season, when he left due to a lung condition. In his final Perry Mason movie, The Case of the Killer Kiss, he was shown either sitting or standing while leaning on a table, but only once standing unsupported for a few seconds. The Warner Brothers version of The Case of the Velvet Claws, which came out in 1936, saw Della and Perry married. The series also featured Barbara Hale as Della Street, William Hopper as Paul Drake, William Talman as Hamilton Burger and Ray Collins as Lt. Tragg. And then in the writing, I love the fact that it's not planned and that it sort of just comes out of the need of the moment, which is suddenly Della realizes, I have more information than Perry does on the floor. Two decades later, she reprised her role in more than two dozen made-for-TV movies for NBC. You can watch the Perry Mason premiere on HBO (or HBO Max) at 9 PM ET. However, we have a lot more freedoms and privileges of how we can express our disdain. So it's a great sort of point from which we launch off into what happens next. Burr met his life companion, onetime actor Robert Benevides, in 1957 on the Perry Mason set.

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